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The Pines at Willingway offers a comprehensive treatment program that encompasses detoxification, residential treatment, and partial hospitalization services for adolescents ages 14–18 dealing with drug and alcohol problems. Our evidenced-based approach to addiction recovery provides clients with a robust framework to achieve sobriety and the skills to maintain long-term recovery.

The Pines at Willingway

Unparalleled Dedication to Healing

We understand that finding effective and safe addiction treatment for a loved one can be a frustrating task during a time of high stress and anxiety. Family members are desperate to find professional guidance to help their loved one understand the root causes for substance use, get healthy, and put their life back on track.

A 20-bed facility in Statesboro, Georgia, The Pines at Willingway is part of a national network of addiction treatment centers with access to some of the top experts in the field of substance use.

Core Philosophies & Treatment Models

Our compassionate and knowledgeable medical team follows a core philosophy based on the latest developments in addiction science, including:

  • Addiction is a complex disease that’s a combination of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors.
  • Various therapeutic techniques are required to address all of these aspects and provide effective treatment of substance use disorder and alcohol use disorder. In addition, there needs to be detailed identification of specific relapse risks and a plan to mitigate them.

At The Pines’ residential rehabilitation center, our board-certified medical professionals use a combination of two successful treatment models to design an individualized plan for recovery:

  • The Hazelden Matrix for adolescent substance abuse treatment, which incorporates individual, group, and family therapy; early recovery skills; family education; social support; and relapse prevention.
  • The 12-Step process and principles to help clients and their families practice new methods for reinforcing healthy behaviors, resisting peer pressure, and abstaining from substances; foster better relationships, responsibility, fellowship and support, and dignity; and discover tools for continued growth and development. Some 12-Step programs used for recovery include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Al-Anon/Alateen Family Groups.

When a family chooses to seek help at The Pines, they enter into a partnership focused on exceptional care.

Collaboration to Address Specific Needs

Additional factors contributing to substance use include co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, mood or behavioral conditions, and other mental health issues. If a loved one has experienced trauma or has negative environmental conditions, they might turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. It’s also important to note that a person’s genetic predisposition contributes to their risk of substance abuse—especially if any of the above factors are present.

At The Pines, we understand our clients’ specific needs, conduct a thorough assessment before and upon admission, and develop treatment plans to encourage healing in a safe haven, away from their stressors. Our free-standing residential program, established on a beautiful 11-acre campus in the Georgia countryside, is staffed by:

  • A full-time medical director who is board-certified in both addiction medicine and internal medicine
  • A full-time physician’s assistant
  • Certified and licensed therapists
  • Around-the-clock nursing coverage
  • A certified recreation therapist
  • Trained recovery techs

We collaborate with our referral sources and family members as a team committed to address a person’s individual circumstances and create long-lasting solutions.

Let Our Family Take Care of Your Family

You and your loved one don’t have to manage this problem alone. When you choose The Pines for dedicated treatment, you can expect collaboration with and support for your family. You’ll have a reliable platform to learn more about the disease of addiction—which is essential for understanding critical reasons for drug and alcohol use and the challenges your children face.

You can trust the professionals at The Pines to provide guidance, communication, stability, and exceptional aftercare. Our admissions and assessment team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—call today.

Recovery Begins Here

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