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Effective Aftercare

Even if someone receives medically-supervised detoxification and a few weeks of inpatient addiction rehabilitation, there’s still one more crucial piece of the wellness puzzle: effective aftercare. At The Pines of Willingway, we strive to provide our adolescent patients with the tools and resources they need to not only embrace their early decision of a life without substances, but to also develop a path of fulfilling purpose.

The Pines at Willingway

Managing a Disease

The Pines offers a comprehensive treatment program that encompasses detoxification, residential treatment, and partial hospitalization services for adolescents ages 14-18 who are dealing with substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol use disorder (AUD). Our board-certified professionals approach addition treatment with evidence-based models for recovery.

Addiction science continues to evolve, but one thing is clear: while addiction can’t be cured forever, it can be well-managed for a lifetime, just like any other chronic health condition. A teenager who successfully completes rehabilitation at The Pines can rely on the guidance, support, 12-Step processes, and education they receive to help them and their family release any myths or stigmas involving addiction and follow therapeutic methods that prevent relapse.

Our adolescent patients emerge stronger in mind, body, and spirt after treatment, confident that they have the resources they need to live healthfully.

The Pines Approach to Aftercare

During treatment, our medical team at The Pines creates treatment plans for teens tailored to their specific needs. Patients learn the reasons for their substance use through dedicated individual and group counseling. They identify potential triggers and relapse risks, and how using certain methods give them control over these circumstances.

They’re also introduced to 12-Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Al-Anon/Alateen Family Groups and how the principles of these processes will help them engage in positive, healthy behaviors, resist peer pressure, and manage their continued growth and potential. More importantly, they know how to connect with these support groups when they return home so they can lean on a social network of sobriety influencers when needed.

All of these techniques are reinforced in an adolescent patient’s continuing care plan. Once they leave The Pines, they’ll work with TRAC9, a secure web app that uses a series of standardized assessments to identify changes in depression, anxiety, stress, visual response to cravings, verbal response to cravings, spirituality, commitment to sobriety, optimism, and quality of life.

Assessments are collected weekly and track a teen’s responses to predict the likelihood of a relapse. An easy-to-read graph charts results that show their progress—or the need for additional recovery work. When changes are noted, their clinician is automatically notified that follow-up is necessary.

The TRAC9 assessment program helps teen and young adult alumni recognize quickly when life feels a little out of control, and how easily they can reach out to get back on track. This fosters a sense of community and connection. Another aftercare support program, MAPP, is also a terrific tool extended for 90 days after they leave The Pines, helping them manage those first few months of early recovery with additional reinforcement of their courage and insight.

Our Dedication Means You're Never Alone

One of the most damaging aspects of addiction and recovery is the falsehood that you’re suffering alone. At The Pines, our goal is to support you and your family with ongoing connection to our staff and alumni, as well as through a wealth of resources cultivated within our national network of addiction treatment centers.

Our admissions team can explain more about how we’re with you during and after treatment. No question is out of bounds, so call today.

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